Giải sách bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 7: The world of work (Đầy đủ nhất)

Hướng dẫn giải Tiếng Anh 7 sách bài tập Unit 7: The world of work được nhóm chuyên gia soạn đầy đủ và ngắn gọn, bám sát nội dung yêu cầu trong sách bài tập.

Giải SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 7: The world of work

A. A student's work (Bài 1-7 trang 63-66 SBT Tiếng Anh 7)

1. (trang 63 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Complete the sentences. Put in a little or a few.

2. (trang 63 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Complete the sentences with fewer, less or more.

Hoa has five periods a day. Loan has seven periods a day.

a. Hoa has fewer periods a day than Loan.

b. Loan has more periods a day than Hoa.

Mr. Hai produces 100 liters of milk a week. Mr. Chinh produces 80 liters of milk a week.

c. Mr. Chinh produces less milk than Mr. Hai.

d. Mr. Hai produces more milk than Mr. Chinh.

Vietnamese students have three vacations a year. American students have five vacations a year.

e. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American students.

f. American students have more vacations than Vietnamese students.

Lan eats two bowls of rice. Ba eats three bowls of rice.

g. Lan eats less rice than Ba eats.

h. Ba eats more rice than Lan eats.

3. (trang 64 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Complete the sentences with the correct verb forms.

4. (trang 64 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Write. Answer Tim’s letter to Hoa in exercise 2, Unit 7 — the student's book.

June 2nd

Dear Tim,

Hi! How are you doing? I am very glad to hear from you that you have five vacatỉons each year such as summer vacation, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We have fewer vacations than you. Our longest vacation is in summer. It lasts more than two months. During summer vacation I like going to the countryside to visit my relatives, playing a lot of games with my cousins. What do you like doing during your vacation, Tim? Write to me soon and tell me.

Your friend,


5. (trang 64-65 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Complete the following sentences, using the words or phrases in the boxes.

6. (trang 65 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Put the adjectives/adverbs in comparative or superlative form.

7. (trang 65-66 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Choose the best sentence made from the words given.

B. The worker (Bài 1-6 trang 67-70 SBT Tiếng Anh 7)

1. (trang 67 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Match the words in the box with the pictures.

2. (trang 67 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Read the letter from Tim Jones in exercise B1, Unit 7 — the studen’s book again. Write the correct sentences about Tim, Mom, and Dad. Use the verbs given.

a. My mom takes care of the family.

b. She cooks lunch for homeless people once a week. / My mom and other women cook lunch for homeless people once a week.

c. She works part-time at a local supermarket.

d. My dad repairs machines in a factory

e. He plays more golf on the summer vacations.

f. We always go to Florida on vacation.

3. (trang 68 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Write about Mr. Luan and Mr. Long.

a. Mr. Luan works more hours than Mr. Long.

b. Mr. Luan has fewer vacations than Mr. Long.

c. Mr. Luan starts work earlier than Mr. Long.

d. Mr. Luan produces less liters of milk a day than Mr. Long.

e. Mr. Luan sells more eggs than Mr. Long.

f. Mr. Luan produces fewer fruits than Mr. Long.

h. Mr. Luan produces more vegetables than Mr. Long.

i. Mr. Long works less hours than Mr. Luan.

j. Mr. Long has more vacations than Mr. Luan.

k Mr. Long starts work later than Mr. Luan.

l. Mr. Long produces more liters of milk a day than Mr. Luan.

m. Mr. Luan sells less eggs than Mr. Long.

n. Mr. Long produces more fruits than Mr. Luan.

o. Mr. Long produces fewer vegetables than Mr. Luan.

4. (trang 69 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): What do these people do? Choose one word from the box.

5. (trang 69 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Rewrite the sentences, using the word(s) in brackets. The first one is done for you.

a. Your handwriting is worse than mine.

b. Minh is the fastest runner in the race.

c. Would you like to dance with me?

d. Lan prefers singing to khiêu vũ.

e. How much does the bicycle cost?

f. How deep is the river in your hometown?

6. (trang 70 SBT Tiếng Anh 7): Read the dỉalogue. Then answer the questions below.

a. B is looking for a part-time job to do during her summer vacation.

b. No. She's in grade 7.

c. She will have to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

d. She can earn VND 25,000 for One aftemoon.

e. She can earn VND 60,000 a day from the second job.

f. She prefers the second job.

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